About Us

Elle & Cee World Girls is a doll company dedicated to bringing girls together worldwide.  Our dolls are a team!  They represent girls from different countries and backgrounds, with unique personalities and perspectives, just like our real world girls.


Lifelong New Yorkers and identical twins, Laken and Carlissa King have always had a knack for coming up with ways to make life more exciting. Whether it was making up hand games, creating crazy milkshake recipes, or co-founding their own apparel company in college, innovation was always at the forefront of their endeavors. While they came up with the idea for Elle & Cee World Girls in high school, it wasn’t until winning their school’s 1st Social Innovation Pitch Contest during their senior year at Amherst College that they knew Elle & Cee World Girls was their destiny. Now there is no stopping them in their mission to show girls around the world that they too can make a difference.



At seventeen years old, Laken and I had no idea a pile of fashion magazines would spark our call to action. Passing time in the school library with our best friend, we grabbed a stack of magazines and processed the images on each page. It wasn’t long before one of us addressed what we were all thinking: where’s the diversity? Not only did we feel like there weren't enough girls on the pages who looked like us, or spoke to our experiences, but we realized there were so many girls who were underrepresented in these publications. After considering the idea of creating another fashion magazine, we knew it wasn’t the right solution for us. It was our passion for kids, education, and interacting with people from all walks of life, that made us come alive.


A few weeks later, Carlissa tracked me down in our crowded school hallway, and with a huge smile, said “What about dolls?” The dolls would hail from different countries and we’d create a community for girls all over the world to share their stories, discover their interests, and become positive ambassadors of the world. It would enable girls to connect the global dots at an earlier age. We believed, the more you learned about the world, the more you would want to celebrate its diversity and help it become a better place. The possibilities were endless. “That could work…” And so, Elle & Cee World Girls was born.